Sunday, August 26, 2012

Welcome sweet Hudson

Hudson Kelly Heiner

Born August 21, 2012, 9:29 am
8 lbs 20 1/2 inches
at St. Johns Medical Center, Santa Monica, California

We couldn't be more excited to have welcomed our little one into the world earlier this week.  He is such a blessing in our lives already and we are do excited to watch him grow and change. He truly is an angel and it's beautiful to think of how recently he was up in heaven. His middle name is after Colby's father, who recently passed away, and I continually find myself thinking of the time they had together in heaven before his arrival.  I sure hope Kelly helped prepare him well for this world! 

Hudson, we love you more then we knew possible!


Brittany H said...

Yay for pictures! I've been haunting your blog the past few days. :) I really can't decide who he looks like. But either way he is an absolute angel! Congrats!

Katie said...

He looks a lot like Colby did in his baby pictures. They were even the same length and 1 ounce difference in weight.

Julie said...

Oh Katie, he is BEAUTIFUL! What a great time for your little family. Congratulations.

jbroclayto said...

YAY! You're a mommy! I'm so excited for you guys. You will be the best parents. Can't wait to meet him in person some day!

Brittney said...

He's adorable! Congratulations to you guys and I hope things are going well!ersedsec 365

Nicole and Preston said...

He is just precious, Katie! I am so happy for you and Colby. What a cute name, and what an honor to be named after someone so amazing, I am sure.
Hope you post lots and lots more pictures! i love looking at them.


Courtney said...

I miss you so much here. I want to hear how your labor/delivery went. Was it what you expected? How's the first couple weeks of being a new mommy? It is QUITE the adjustment. I had a really hard time. It def gets better.
Congrats, you and Colby make CUTE BABIES!
Hudson is an awesome name too.
Totally wish you were here!!!!!!!

Marc, Michelle, Jackson, and Bennett said...

He is so cute! I am so happy for you.