Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas break

We had such a great Christmas break. First of all, let's talk about how we actually had a break! Colby and I were reminiscing how when we were working for Walmart, we only got Christmas Day off (unless we used vacation days) so typically worked Christmas Eve. It was great to have Colby out of school for three weeks. I quickly learned, however, that I really don't get time off from motherhood, but that's okay. My break I guess is having extra help from Colby.

We had three phases of our break: Colby spent the first week up in Northern California on the Tech Trek through UCLA visiting several Tech companies. I had headed out to Hemet to my parents with Hudson as there was no reason to sit in LA and wait for Colby. He joined us Friday after returning from Northern California. We then spent a week and a half at my parents, being there for both Christmas and New Year's. all of my siblings were there and it was great to all be together again for Christmas for the first time in four years, due to missions and us being in Arkansas. The last phase of our break consisted of us heading back out to LA and exploring our own area. While we have lived here 5 months, we haven't really taken the time to get out and explore. We went to the Venice canals pre tech trek, but hit up Hollywood, Malibu and Venice beach the last few days of break.

Overall, I really enjoyed the holiday season being with my little family and experiencing Christmas with Hudson. While he is definitely too young to understand any of it now, I can see how magical Christmas will become by having a child. I'm grateful for my parents for putting up with a full house and being so much fun. It really was great to be with the whole family this year!

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