Thursday, March 21, 2013

7 months

What happening with our 7 month old?

Sitting like a champ. Still falls occasionally, but pretty solid for the most part.

3 teeth!!

2 naps a day.  The evening nap os officially gone and I am very sad about that one.

His hair is growing like crazy and lightning up. His bald spot is filling in.

Knows his routine--night time is solids, bath, nurse, and he expects it. If we leave him in his high chair too long while we eat he gets really whiny, but the second he hears his bath water, still while sitting in his chair, he quiets down immediately.

Still loves bath time. He loves laying in his bath. He will not let us have him sit. Seriously, he goes stiff as a board and we can't even get him in a sitting position. He has a new bath companion--his rubber ducky--and loves it!  He will search for it with his hands if it has gotten above his head.

Loves his toys.  He has started to learn what ones make noise and will shake them up and down.

Laughs like crazy, especially when we are laughing.

We have started to play "Where's Hudson?" and he loves it.  We will ask "where's hudson?" and look around past him.  If he wasn't looking at us, he will get this big grin and watch us until we make eye contact with him and "find" him.  We think it's adorable.

No interest in crawling or scooting.  Still seems to have forgotten that he can roll.

Loves when Mom wears necklaces, especially big ones with beads, etc.  He grabs them and shoves them straight in his mouth.

Not a fan of the sippy cup or anything other than formula/breastmilk in a bottle.  We have tried to get him to drink water, apple juice, prune juice--anything to get more liquid in him, and he absolutely refuses it.

Still sleeping like a champ at night.  12 hours at night!  Still working on moving his dream feed up and out, but he still gets one feeding at night.

Loves stories at night, if he's not over tired.  He especially loves trying to grab them and eat them.  I perceive his favorite is "Mr. Brown Can Moo, can You?" when read by Dad.  It is fun to watch him as we read.  He is starting to notice the pictures more and appears to follow along.

Still has super strong legs.  We wonder if he will start walking before crawling.  He can easily stand while holding onto our fingers.

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