Saturday, March 2, 2013

First Tooth, 6.5 months

Yesterday I was talking to a friend whose baby is 1 week older than Hudson and she mentioned her daughter had her two bottom teeth.  Our pediatrician said Hudson would probably get them by 7 months, and we may notice a change in behavior as he got them.  He was fussy a few weeks ago and we thought he may be teething, but nothing happened.  He has been a pretty happy boy lately, and with the expection of waking in the night 2 nights ago and 2, 2+ hour naps 2 days ago, everything has been normal.  Well, I figured he was maybe going through a growth spurt, but when I checked his gums today, there is a cute little ridged tooth starting to poke through.  It's his lower front left tooth and is the cutest little tooth I've ever seen. :)  Apparently it wasn't too painful for this tough little guy.  Colby was on campus, and I instantly called him up to share the news.  I'm such a dork.  But really, the tooth got me so excited.  I hung up with Colby and called Dad, who I figured would be just as excited as Colby and I, and he didn't dissappoint.  Such fun changes. Another sign our little baby is growing up! I know it's quite ridiculous, but I feel so proud that my little boy has made a tooth, as if it is something he has been working so hard on and has now accomplished. This is just the beginning, I guess.

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