Tuesday, May 21, 2013

9 months

Hudson has now been out of the womb as long as he was in. He had his 9-month check and he's continuing growth on the same trend he's been on.

Height: 28 1/2 inches--just above 50th percentile
Weight: 19 lbs 7 oz--just above 50th percentile
Head circumference: 46.5 cm

What he's been up to this month:

No longer lays still when we change his diapers.  He is a little rolly polly fliping to his stomach, trying to sit up, etc. Makes for a tough job.  If we give him a toy while we change him, it helps.

Still not crawling yet. He manages to get around through turning circles on his stomach and scooting backward and an occasional roll.  He has started to do a little hop on his knees.  He will be in crawling position and kind of hop/scoot forward. He will mainly be in crawling position and then lunge forward onto his chest. He is really good at getting onto his knees and really good to go from his back or stomach to a crawling position straight to sitting.  Im sure crawling will come all too soon.

Toward the end of the month we had put Hudson down for bed.  He was quiet so I thought he was basically asleep.  We then heard a few cries, then more silence.  He cried again, silence.  this continued for a few minutes and was not a pattern we had heard before.  I poked my head in and was surprised to see him sitting up with his legs poking out through the crib slats.  He was happily gnawing on the crib rail. That morning Colby had said Hudson was sitting in his crib when he went in to get him, but I had never seen him sitting in his crib before.  before that point I had never seen him get himself into a sitting position. I picked hudson up from the crib and Colby and I unanimously agreed it was definitely time to lower the crib.  I of course wanted a picture of him sitting as we found him to placed him back before Colby lowered the mattress.  Hudson went from sitting to pulling himself up to a standing position in a matter of seconds. whaaaat?  Thankfully we were there or he would have flipped over the rail.  Needless to say, Hudson slept on a lowered mattress from that night on.

He nurses 4 times a day and has 2 baby food meals a day with snacks of Cheerios and bananas.

Still not really interested in a sippy cup. At the very end of the month I reintroduced it to him and he does ok. I think the flow is much stronger though because he gets that look in his eyes like he was dunked in the pool. He then gasps for air. While it sounds dramatic, it's actually quite cute.

Prefers laying in the tub. If we try and have him sit, he just flops back or straightens his back so we can't even sit him up in the first place. By the end if the month he is rolling over in the tub then going from his tummy to sitting and really enjoy that--as long as he gets himself there. :)

Loves the swing at the playground! He no longer just sits there and faces forward. He leans his head over the edge looking at his shadow, tries to eat the chain holding the swing and loves turning his head 180 degrees to see what's behind him (and every direction for that matter). He giggles like crazy, especially when we first put him in. When we take him out he leans back toward the swing and if close enough, grabs the chain. He loves it and is never ready to be done!

Still loves the doorframe jumper. I ended up putting a new knot in it to keep him high enough as he has grown much taller.

Has not started using consonants. No "ga," "ma," "ba," etc. The doctor wasn't entirely concerned, but said we need to pay attention to it and maybe consider therapy in a few months if he doesn't progress. We read to him daily and will read more in hopes of it helping. He is extremely vocal, but more with squeals, screeches and high pitch screams/songs.

Some of his favorite toys are our left our shoes or dads shoelaces on the shoes he's wearing. Hudson will unexpected appear at dads feet and start snacking. Gross. He's also discovered the metal/springy door stoppers and enjoys hitting those. Once he's crawling, we are in trouble!

Had his first plane ride/vacation and loved all the new things to look at on the plane. We got lucky and had an extra seat for him both ways.

Had two more experiences in the pool, one at Grandma and Grandpa J's and one here at the apartment pool.  He is a little fish.  Colby swam him around by supporting his tummy, and Hudson kicked and flapped his arms to the point it looked like Colby could let go and he'd swim on his own.  I put his feet in the ocean last time we were there and I expected him to just pull them up, but he left them in and kicked, giggled, and leaned forward trying to get his hands in.  We have a water baby for sure!

This little boy is such a joy and becomes more and more entertaining each day.  We sure love him!

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