Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hang Loose

How much more "California" does it get than surfing?  We figured if we live 10 minutes from the beach, Colby may as well take advantage of what it has to offer, so enrolled in UCLA's surfing class.  It is a 4-week class that meets every Thursday afternoon at Venice beach.  They are given boards and wet suits to use.  So far, 2 weeks in, he loves it!  The first day we took the body board along so he could use that after class--needless to say, he was exhausted before class was over and got tired even thinking about using the body board. Ha! By the second class, he was already catching waves.  Watch out Kelly Slater, Colby is going to be your biggest competition before you know it. ;) I love going and spending the 2 hours at the beach as well. :) This is definitely something he couldn't have done at BYU.

these photos were taken from his first class, and unfortunately I was running for most of the class, then tending to Hudson's needs, so none of the photos are from when he was out in the water!  Next time.

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