Friday, June 26, 2015

9 months

Hallie hit 9 months--same time in as out.  She is a busy little girl and loves being on the move.

Crawling, eating, swinging and playing in the dirt of our potted plants are a few of her favorite activities of the month.

  • She still way prefers crawling over sitting and is pretty good at getting around.  
  • She is still eating 3 meals a day (breakfast of 4 oz pureed fruit with oatmeal and plain yogurt, lunch of 1 oz beef/chicken and 3 oz veggie, dinner of grain and 4 oz veggies.  All are accompanied with cheerios to keep her happy while we all eat.  This girl can put down her cheerios!) and nursing 4 times a day.  In fact, she just loves eating. Everything. including all the mulch and leaves in the backyard, and hudson small toys that I keep putting out of the way and magically make it back within her the 100s of puff balls he has. I have been a little concerned about my milk supply and her not getting enough.  With her weight percentile dropping again at this appointment, I knew it was time for a change.  I was so mentally prepared to switch to formula if needed, that when it was suggested, I was very on-board.  I am wanting to still nurse, so the plan is to nurse morning and night before bed, and give 2 5-6 oz bottles during the day.  It seriously is such a relief to do this.  I never had to with Hudson, but I just feel it is a great decision.  Hallie has honestly never loved nursing, which has made me feel the same. With our Havasu trip in a few days, this will make things there much easier as well.  
  • Letting her swing in the backyard next to Hudson is such a joyous time for Hallie.  She has moved on a little from her door-jumper, and my theory is that we mainly used that for her during dinner time, and now that she eats with us, we don't put her in much.  I try and put her in it still, but she doesn't love it like she used to, but the outside swing is a different story!
  • Hallie had her first moment of destruction.  We have 2 potted houseplants, and had a pretty funny experience one evening as Colby walked around the corner and found her reaching up over the top of the pot and just pulling loads of dirt out--mostly straight into her mouth.  It was hilarious because she made a huge mess and had a completely innocent look on her as she was covered in dirt.  Silly girl.  She unfortunately has done this multiple times now.  Hopefully she learns soon and we can keep our houseplants!
She pulls up on furniture and the bathtub.  She often will pull up on the couch when hudson is sitting on it, or pull up on the side of the tub while bathing. She is clearly obsessed with Hudson and loves playing with him until he becomes a little too rough, and then she gets fussy when he starts to come near.  There is a very fine line between fun and fear for her with him, but the love is strong. 

She lights up when anyone, especially Dad or Hudson, give her attention.  Going in to get her in the morning from waking up is sure to bring big smile to anyone who goes in.  She starts bouncing and kicking and is thrilled to have some attention after a long night of solitude. 

One of my favorite things with Hallie is seeing her crawl to the back flor length window in our office area and rest her hands against the window as she peers in the backyard watching Hudson and Colby. She really enjoys this, and doesn't appear to be feeling left out.  It is just her spot where she feels part of the action. 

Her favorite toy this month is her rubber duckie and she loves all things water. 

Her 9 months stats are:

Weight: 16 pounds, 9 ounces (10th percentile)
Height: 28 1/4 inches (75th percentile

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