Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hallie-1 year

For the first time, probably ever, Hallie woke from her nap (on her birthday) with bed head! Her hair is so short that this has never happened. She woke up with wispy little curls on all sides of her hair. I had to get it wet before we went to dinner. I wish I got a picture as it was so cute! Her face looked as if she'd earned that bed head w a really good nap. People are now commenting on her hair and how it seems to be growing and how she is getting some curls. Time will tell if the curls stay. As a little girl my hair was curly, but went away with my first haircut.

Eats acorns from the yard

Sleeps like a champ (two naps) 7:30pm - 8am

4 bottles a day

Loves giving hugs and kisses

Lights up when you walk into her room to get her from her crib

Stands on her own, but not walking

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