Sunday, September 21, 2008

"A Sunday Afternoon..." picnicing in the colorful, fall mountains

For our wedding we were given a picnic basket, so we figured we should take advantage of our Sunday afternoon and use it. We got home from our {wrong} ward (yes, another one...that's another story), packed the basket and headed up the canyon. I loved seeing the trees. They are so beautiful this time of year. It is so much prettier than fall in California where the green leaves turn brown, shrivel up and fall. Here the red, green, yellow and orange leaves are so vibrant and beautiful. I wish the camera could have really captured the beauty! We had our picnic just past aspen grove. We loved eating our tuna sandwiches, amazing spinach salad, fresh cookies and sparkling cider out among the aspens. We had some great conversation. All in all it was a great afternoon. Thanks, Colby!


Alisa said...

cute! you guys seem so perfect together!

Nicole and Preston said...

how fun! I want to do that with Preston!! Hope you are doing well Katie! I keep trying to catch you, but hopefully one of these days we will get to talk!

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

What a fun outing! It really is the simplest activity that creates such a fun memory! You guys seem to be perfect for each other!