Monday, September 22, 2008

The Joy of Finding our WARD...

You would think it would be easy to find your respective ward in "Happy Valley" now wouldn't you? That is exactly what Katie and I thought as we set out on our first Sunday together in Provo. We actually didn't have internet at the time and thus we were unable to get on to check the local chapels and meeting times. To solve this Katie decided that we should just get up early and get ready so that we can watch for people going to church....needless to say this didn't happen. We were on our way to my old singles ward when we ran into a member of the elders quorum and he told us that the "family" ward was in an hour. Obviously Katie and I ran back up to our apartment and chilled for an hour and attended the family ward. It was at 1:00. Once at the ward, I ran into a couple old mission friends and others that I haven't really talked to since my freshman year. Long story short...Katie and I have totally gotten used to the "single-student" wards that are deathly quiet....and it showed because when the meetings started and it actually got loader! There were soooo many kids running around and families with tons of kids that we were so distracted that we didn't even pay attention to the speakers or in Sunday school. After all of this we decided it would be cool to go to a "married student" ward for our last semester here at BYU.

From there we hear that the "married student" ward from our area meets at a chapel over by the football stadium. We go there the next week and see more people we know, the ward seems great, and several people come and welcome us to the ward...that is until we tell them where we live! One younger married woman tells us, "Oh you are in the wrong ward...I am taking you to the bishop's office so that we can find out where you are really supposed to go!" This ward was at 9:00. We practically got kicked out and ended up missing the rest of church so we went back to our apartment and watched "Finding Faith in Christ" (a gift from my Mission President) for our own little Sunday school lesson.

The next week was the area stake conference where over 100 stakes gathered for a video conference.

Lastly, this past week we have decided that the 10:30 ward over by Costco in Orem is our ward and we have confirmed this with We get there only to find out that there must be 20 wards having church in any given room in those two large buildings. Sadly we found out that the information wasn't up-to-date on the website and that our "Married student" ward had been moved to 2:30. We gave up and just went to another ward so that we could just go home. We met more friends there and they were excited to have us in their ward, but unfortunately we had to tell them that it was only for the day....

So now we have finally found out that church is at 2:30 (sad til 5:30) but we have yet to go there once! Hopefully this week turns out better!

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Nate said...

Haha hope we dont have that many problems finding our new ward. We need to hang out soon, now that the weddings are done!