Monday, September 8, 2008

busy, busy, busy

So, I definately have SLACKED majorly in blogging, but hey, I think getting married is a good excuse for anything now a days. ;) So here is a quick run down of my life over the past month. Hopefully I will be able to write more about all of this and get some fun pics up.

going back to mid august...
*Mitch and I both were able to receive our endowments in the Redlands temple and were blessed to have many family members and friends there. It was a wonderful experience!
*Became MRS. COLBY HEINER. I married the love of my life in the San Diego temple on August 15th. It was a beautiful experience and I was again surrounded by many family members and friends. After several pictures we had a luncheon then headed back to Hemet for a fantastic reception put on by my parents. Everything was perfect. We ended up staying at the reception longer than planned because it was so fun. We headed to Los Angeles that night.
*Traveled with my HUSBAND to Puerto Vallarta for a week long honeymoon. It was fabulous. Colby had planned some great activities including SCUBA DIVING and a ZIP LINE course through the jungle canopy. Both were so fun. We had some great dinners at our large condo/hotel room and eating out. The last night we went to a beautiful restaurant looking over the city and bay. It was wonderful.
*Turned 21!! yeah! This happened while in mexico. To be honest, I was a little sad about being away from home. This was my first birthday away, but it was wonderful. Colby made it a wonderful day. He even surprised me with a cake, which I thought there was no way we could have one and made me a steak dinner. Isn't he amazing!
*Returned home and opened some great wedding gifts, packed the excursion and headed back to provo to move into our apartment.
*Arrived at midnight to Provo on monday and took all our stuff up to our third story apartment that night. We even got our matress and through it on top of the excursion so we could have a place to sleep. Interesting adventure.
*after only being in Provo for a day, left our home full of boxes and went to WYOMING! It was such a fun and needed trip. I had been there before, but everything was covered in 4 feet of snow. I saw a completely different type of beauty this time. We hearded cattle, bailed and bagged hay (some participated in this more than others ;)...), picked raspberries and wild service berries, went to Jackson Hole and saw what some say is the "real" side of the Tetons (sorry...Idaho side still wins in my book), 4 wheeled up a beautiful canyon, ate the best milkshake ever from the Red Barron (BLACK raspberry...not to be mistaken for red raspberry. oops.) and got to spend wonderful time with my new FAMILY! They are great. Thanks for it all!
*Returned to Provo in time for most of the BYU football game.
*Almost successfully moved into our new place
*Colby and I both started our last semester at BYU. We have two business classes together!
*Got a job at the Gap!!
*began wedding returns. . .

Thanks to everyone who has made this past month so memorable! If anyone has wedding pictures, please send them to me.


*Apply for graduation
*find FULL-TIME, real life jobs
*finish wedding returns...will this ever really be done
*get wedding pictures back
*hang stuff on walls
*send Mitch off at the Missionary Training Center


Liz said...

i wish i could have been there for some of that! my mom says it was a beautiful day! congratulations on being married and for graduating soon! keep the updates coming and know that i am dying to see pictures!

Aaron & Drew Rucker said...

Hey I don't know if you got my texts on Sunday, but I just wanted to congratulate you on being married and wish you the best. I hope that we can keep in touch! Good luck with your last semester at BYU!

Nate said...

Crazy busy! I still have that all to look forward to. we need to hang out again soon. what was the name of the restaurant that was so amazing and over looked puerto vallarta?

Aaron & Kalle said...

Its about time you showed your face in the blogging world again. Sounds like you had a wonderful last month. We will have to stop some time and say hello when we are in the provo area.Congradulations on the wedding. Sorry we were not able to attend.

taylor and laney said...

two things:

1) Beauty of Wyoming? Are you talking about the same barren wilderness of a state that I drove through in August. You mustn't be, because I don't think beauty and wyoming have ever been used in the same sentence.
2) Got a job at the Gap? Are you serious? University or P-Towne? I can honestly not believe this. Honestly. My mouth dropped. If you work at University, say to everyone for me and Laney. Esp. Matt Clayton.