Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I squeezed out some of my creative juices

and came up with these ideas/projects for our seaside themed guest bathroom:

{sand dollar from family trip to Cancun}

I know these aren't a-maz-ing...but, considering I have spent the last 4 years of my life studying business, I think I did pretty well on pulling out my creative side. It was fun to do and great to have complete! I think they are a nice finishing touch to our bathroom that has been sitting completely bare. Colby mentioned today that it doesn't echo in there anymore. ha.


Courtney said...


You in for the library on Thursday? I also need to go summer shopping- Cancun is coming up this Saturday!!! Call me!

Megan and Mike said...

LOVE YOUR BASKET thing on the counter... soooo cute and your pix are amazing!!!!

Brittany H said...

I'm impressed!!! Looks like you are getting all settled in. Way to go!

The Heiner Family! said...

I think they turned out so cute Katie! I am glad you were able to find the boxes while you were here. :)