Thursday, May 14, 2009


this was supposed to arrive in the mail:

and hence these were the texts I received today while Colby was at work:

*Did my bike come today? I love you.

*Congrats, you are done with work! Enjoy your afternoon. Xoxo.
(sent at 2:02, I was off at 2:00. I think someone was watching the clock to see when I was off so I could check the MAIL!!)

*Hey could you also make sure to check the mail and see if my bike came slash pick it up?! Thank you so much.
(sent at 2:09. Good thing he sent me a text reminder ;) just in case the other hints and words from the night before and this morning were not enough.)

(sent at 2:39, minutes after I actually got home.)

*My reply: The mail doesn't come this early. Sorry
*C: Oh my heart started racing. Shoot.

*Anything??? You are killing me.
(sent at 3:38)

results: I checked the mail at 4:00 and found the package slip to go pick it up at the post office. I went and picked it up, payed the extra $30 postage that wasn't charged at the other end, and brought it home. Colby is currently assembling his beaut. I am sure pics of his outings with it will come. I have a happy, happy hubby

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M.C. said...

I had those same convos with Nate on Wednesday when his new flat screen was delivered haha! Looks like Colby will have fun on that bike this summer... did you get one too Katie?