Sunday, May 31, 2009

Where we live...aka our house/apartment Part 1

We have had several people wanting to see pictures of our Apartment and for some time we have been planning on posting pictures but now over 4 months since we moved in we finally going to post some. This will be a mult-part post made over a few days so keep checking back to see the rest of our place!

Just to give everyone a reference point this is what you walk into from the front door. Through the window you can see the fireplace.

This is the view of the kitchen from just inside the front doorstep. The door on the left goes out to our patio where in addition to our BBQ Grill there is also another door that goes into the master bedroom. We were glad that there is a bar in this place after all the time and effort we put into making those bar stools for our apartment back in Provo.

Here is just one more picture of our kitchen. We love the granite counter tops, black appliances, and the large area especially in comparison to our student apartment.

This is kind of a bland picture but you can see part of the kitchen but also a portion of the living room.

Here is our dining room. We love the table and chairs that we got from Katie's parents and the windows! There is so much light in our living room because of all the windows; we rarely need to turn on the lights. We have also been growing our own Italian herbs as you can see by some of the pots on the partial wall (Just out the window is Katie's new bike...I am sure she will blog about it in the future).

This picture was taken from our dining area and the hallway leads into all the other rooms. Straight ahead is the office area (with the chair) and the door with the towel on it is the laundry and utility room. Left before the office is the master bedroom entry and a right turn after the entryway is the guest bedroom (YES there is an extra bed in there for whoever wants to come visit).

This post is for my brother Kellen. He had this leather print of the San Diego Temple made for us on his mission. This is right outside the guestroom door. The other door that you see is the coat closet.
Also since we were just in Provo for graduation I wanted to post this picture. I got home from work one night and Katie had already framed them. It is still hard to believe that we have both finished with Bachelors degrees.

This is it for now but stay tuned as I am sure that Katie will be posting more pictures of our place.


Lindsey said...

I want to come visit you two and see your house!!!!!!!!

Jack said...

wow its gorgeous!!