Monday, August 31, 2009

As I have been at work today I keep thinking about my two youngest siblings, each having just started back to school at new schools, and two other brothers starting up at BYU today. I have had a weird feeling and finally realized that it must be because this is the first fall in 17 years that I have not been heading back to school as well. It is kind of a strange realization. I guess without school though I am experiencing even bigger and better things.

Good luck to everyone who is heading back to school!


Liz said...

i have that same feeling! and i've been out of school for 4 years now. weird. i really love school and am really missing it right now. who would have though!

did you hear that brad and travis' little brother are both in may hall?

Kayla said...

AH! i felt that way too! and it's even weirder because i'm still hanging around provo for a bit, so i see everyone else going to class and i feel like i'm supposed to be doing that too.
but i sure am glad to be done with classes and not have to worry about homework :)