Monday, August 10, 2009

now I believe it

I thought our handy-dandy weather forecaster fx had to be out of whack this morning when I saw this same symbol on the screen at 8:00 am predicting "Strong PM t-storms." The beautiful, blue, not-a-cloud-in-the-sky could not turn to storms--so I thought.

Now I believe it. After a quick run into wal-mart to print some photos and grab a few goods I believed it. I stood at the exit to wal-mart trying to see my car through the sheets of rain, parked only 10 stalls back. I ran as fast as I could and only had to stop once to pick up the canned tomatoes that broke through my bag.


We are talking jumped-into-the-pool-with-clothes-on soaked (which I almost did 3 hours ago after work because it was so beautiful my bathing suit though...). Now here I am--a true believer in my trusty weather forecaster fx.


Aarean Jergensen said...

haha oh my gosh this is so funny! This EXACT thing happened to me a few weeks ago...when is was beautiful in the day...and then all of a sudden DOWN POUR. And the best part is I was in wal mart too!!!!!! By the time I ran to my car...threw my groceries in the trunk...and got in...i was drenched!!!! Maybe its Wal mart?!?! haha

Lindsey said...

that is funny can't wait to see you next month

Julie said...

Katie, you look just like your Mom in these pictures! Tell her hello.

AaReAn said...

katie,I have a chopper that I use...or you can stick it in a just want to get it pretty thin/mushy. And I just used vegetable oil. (its the same thing I think...and even if it isn't it was still really good! haha)

Brittany H said...

I made that mistake when we first moved to the south. And just the other day my weather radio alarm went off for a Tornado Warning. I looked out at the blue sky and laughed . . . until about 5 minutes later!