Wednesday, August 5, 2009


--that word that has become so common these days. I had a friend get me started on this and now I understand why everyone is talking about "couponing."

Check out my great buy!

The checkout lady rang everything up and the total read "$18.22."

But then I gave her my stack of coupons (combo of target coupons and manufactures') and the total dropped to $2.69


(when I came home and showed Colby he thought is was great, but teased me saying he had to get a picture of all this and post it on the blog. well I thought it was a grand idea and did so myself. thanks for the idea babe.)


Courtney said...

Ok girl! That is amazing---my couponing success of the week was a savings of $1.55. I need some tips from you!

AaReAn said...

me too! I need tips. Josh would love this as well!!!!

M.C. said...

I'm always amazed by you girls that do this. I tried it and just ended up with random products we really didn't need. You should post a "how-to"!