Saturday, March 24, 2012

Boy or Girl

One of the fun things about working as a buyer, is we see all kinds of new item submissions.  A buyer I work with has had this one below presented a couple times and needed someone to test it.  Seeing as I am pregnant, I was the perfect candidate.  It supposedly will predict what the gender of your baby will be.  So based on this product, I am going to have a...


But, then again, the print after the 10 steps of direction reads "We recommend that you wait until your healthcare provider confirms the gender prior to painting the nursery pink or blue, or making other financial or emotional investments into your gender result."

So there you have it.  Straight from the inside the box.  I will not be putting too much confidence in this result (especially since we were told the default response is Boy).

Rather, we will wait until April 4, 1.5 weeks, until our ultrasound tells us!  We can't wait to know.  

Boy or girl....What do you think??


Nicole and Preston said...

When I first saw this post I immediately thought girl. But that could very easily be because I am partial to girls and generally always make that my guess. Either way I am so excited to fInd out!!

Ps did you get my Facebook message about photography backdrops? Hope that helped a little.

M.C. Sommers said...

I am the worst at guessing! I'm always wrong. I'm going to go with the test and say it's going to be a boy.

And that test thing is so cool. Nate and I go back and forth on whether we want to find out. I kinda want to wait because I think it will give me motivation during labor. Although, I'm not really sure how much motivation I will truly need. And I also hate surprises. Please post when you guys find out!