Sunday, March 11, 2012

On my way home

It has been an amazing week, but an utterly exhausting one- physically and mentally. Pregnancy symptoms are fading away and I am finally starting to feel more myself. I've spent the last 8 days in Florida for work preparing for and presenting at Walmart's annual year beginning meeting. For the meeting we plan and set a floor with merchandise representing our top priority items and projects for the 3800 store managers to come see and interact with the buyers. After they are there a few days, they all head home and several hundred high volume suppliers come for a supplier summit. After being to the meeting, i should edit my comments from saying i was in florida to i was at the orange county convention center. We truely didnt see florida, except for the night we got lost on our way to dinner in a rental car. Days were spent on a cement floor from 6-11 when we got home from dinner. That would be 6 in the morning to 11 at night. Sleep a little. Get up. Walk like a zombie to breakfast and do it again. Because tall departments participated in this show, there were plenty of tasty food samples to make my belly grow. I am officially squeezing into a select few pairs of pants but can't decide if it's the baby or the samples of Cadbury ice cream bars or baked potato skins.

I am flying over Illinois right now ready to land in Chicago and jump on a flight home. I honestly can't wait to get there, see Colby ( and talk him into a nice foot rub), sleep in my own bed, and eat breakfast from my kitchen. Not sure there have been many other moments where I was so glad to be home and so ready for a weekend.


Jessi said...

Oh Katie!

Its hard to be a working woman isn't it!? All I have to say is I hope you opted for flats with the concrete floors. I just did a whole week of shooting in a concrete studio and I couldn't believe what it did to me feet, not to mention my back. And you're pregnant to boot! You are such a strong, put together, fantastic woman and I can't wait to meet the kind of kid you will have!!!

Whitney said...

Hi Katie,

Yes I do remember you from EFY! I'm so glad that you left a comment on my blog. Congrats to you on your pregnancy! So exciting. I was looking through your blog and love your NY pictures, i just got back from there and love that city. Sounds also like you have a pretty cool job! Good luck with your pregnancy as well!