Saturday, March 31, 2012

Love Today

As I have been preparing for General Conference, I took a moment to reflect on some past talks that have impacted me. I love the talk by Thomas S. Monson from April 2003 titled "In Search of Treasure." In it he mentioned that we need to:
  1. Learn from the past
  2. Prepare for the Future
  3. Live in the Present
I think it is so easy to get caught up on all the could haves, should haves, and wished i had dones that it is good to have the reminder to simply learn from the past, but more forward.  As I look forward to having our little one join us soon, I find myself wanting this current time to pass quickly so I can meet baby Heiner.  But, as counseled by our loving prophet, I need to "live in the present,"enjoy now. He later stated that "if you put off everything you could do today, tomorrow you have a lot of empty yesterdays."  How true is that.  Once again, a reminder to make each day count.  Now to me, part of that is learning to enjoy each day and learn to love what happens, good or bad.  Treasure the good.  Learn from the bad.  Enjoy it all. 

As I look back through the day today I realize that it wasn't really a red-letter day by any means, but I find myself really having enjoyed it.

So why did I love today?

It could be one of many things...

I got to sleep in until 9:30.  Forgot to set the alarm.  Oops.  A few extra zzzs probably wasn't a bad thing.

When I woke up I had a great night with great friends to reflect on.

I was in a baking mood so made crumb cake muffins for a pre conference snack/breakfast.

Colby came home from cleaning the church and made crepes filled with fresh strawberries (even after I told him I was fine having cereal)

I got to spend several hours of the day listening to General Conference with the hub.

While watching said conference I got to paint all 20 of my nails with my new favorite polish, SinfulColors in Hazard and one of Colby's who was resting his foot in a dangerous position--right under the polish brush.  Don't worry.  It didn't stay colored very long. Maybe 3 seconds. Ha.

I was in a cleaning mood which meant I wasn't dreading laundry and it was all quickly washed and folded.

Since the baking mood was lingering, I whipped up a batch of homemade wheat bread.

I got to go on a walk through the neighborhood with Colby.  Despite the cramp in my leg and allergies I was suffering from, I loved the walk.

My "I ate too much for lunch" belly is starting to actually look like a baby bump and I am feeling it move around more frequently.  So surreal that there is a child growing in me.

Since said bump is growing, my stomach is seemingly shrinking so I got to slurp down a simple green smoothie for dinner.

I didn't put any make-up on or do my hair.  Hello, when was the last time I could say that?

...but I think it was simply the combination of each little thing all compiled to make a great day.

It is amazing how when you have the right outlook on life, a seemingly mundane day can be a fabulous one.  Here's to learning to live more in the moment and love life.

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ynny said...

All I want to say is that this post nearly brought me to tears. I'm so happy to hear about your extraordinary, ordinary day. They are my favorite type of days and I felt thankful to get to experience one of yours through writing :) Love you. Also, love the maxi dress you were wearing- so cute!!

Enjoy every minute!