Wednesday, August 21, 2013

12 months--1 year!!

I can't believe we have a 1 year old.  Where has the time gone?  Hudson has been the biggest blessing in our lives.  We prayed so hard for him to join our family, and after a little struggle, we were blessed with such a perfect baby boy.  We constantly comment on how we always prayed for "a happy, healthy boy" and that is exactly what we were blessed with.  Hudson is a joy to be around, and constantly puts a smile on our faces.  He has changed so much over the past 12 months, and accordingly changed our lives forever.  The past 12 months have been the most challenging, yet rewarding months of my life.  This past month, here is what he is up to:

  • He carries a toy in his mouth like a dog when crawling and wanting to transport a toy. 
  • He has said his first word, train.  It sounds more like a "tre." He says other sounds,  but this is the first sound he consistently associates with an object, the lightrail outside our window.  
  • Other things he says are mom, dad, more, ball
  • When he is at the table and wants food, he screams, quite high pitched.  We are working on breaking this habit and we are seeing some improvement, thankfully
  • He eats more non-baby food--Blueberries, tuna, spaghetti squash with sausage, quiche, strawberries, shredded chicken, just to name a few
  • After a tough bout of sleeping, he is back to sleeping well.  He goes down easily (no crying) for naps and nighttime.  Now if only we can get him to quit waking up once each night.  Not sure what's causing it.  It is a different time each night, so we don't think its habitual. 
  • He had his first haircut.  I kind of miss his curly little locks, but it was getting a little unruly, so we recruited my Aunt Anne for a cut while we were in Idaho last month. 
  • He is growing like a weed, mostly up!  We take him in for his stats today. 
  • Plays hide and seek while crawling around furniture.  He will make this little face at us and turn and quickly crawl away.  When we get to him, sometimes he tries to scurry away, other times he will burry his face into the ground or just roll on his back and "play dead."
  • He loves the pool and all things associated with water.  We tried out the Splash Pad again on his birthday, and I wasn't sure how he'd handle it.  Despite it being a little chilly, he kept crawling after the spouts of water and putting his hand in it and laughing. 
  • He has had 12 flights in his first 12 months of life, and been nearly perfect on each of them.  2 of those flights were just Hudson and I, the rest we had Colby or my family with us.
  • Current favorite book: the very hungry caterpillar, especially when read to by Dad.  Colby will pinch his fingers from behind as Hudson sticks them through the holes in the foods the caterpillar has eaten through.  Hudson cracks up at it every time.  This replaced "Mr Brown Can Moo" as his favorite this month. 
  • He got his 7th tooth, and it's coming in extremely crooked.  Good thing we know a good orthodontist. 
  • We discovered he is ridiculously ticklish under his arms.  How we missed this, I don't know, but it is so cute.  He continues to have ticklish feet. 
  • He just started to blow raspberries.  We occasionally do this on his tummy, and I think he just picked up on it.  I was sitting on the couch with my legs up on the coffee table while wearing shorts.  Hudson came up and put his lips on my legs and honestly, I thought he was going to bite me.  He blew on my legs and made the raspberry sound.  I think he was as surprised and pleased as I was.  He started smiling, giggling, and doing it over and over.  He constantly comes up to me now and does it on my arm, leg, or his favorite is my hip if its sticking out even just a little from under my shirt while i'm sitting. Not my favorite place, ha. But he's adorable, so I let it be. 
  • Standing on his own for short periods of time.  I have started counting, and we are up to 10 second spurts.  I'm getting excited and nervous that he will be walking in no time! Ah!!
We love our little man and love that he is growing and developing well.  He is such a blessing to us and keeps us busy, happy and constantly on the run.  

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