Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Brad and Alissa's wedding

I love all this LOVE in my family!  We added onto the family again this summer when Brad and Alissa were married in the Kansas City temple.  The whole Jergensen clan boarded planes from all over the country, and arrived without a hitch (mostly) just in time for the wedding dinner the night before the ceremony. How this happened, was nothing short of a miracle.  Hudson was a trooper on the flights over--this was the first flight he had with a layover.

The dinner the night before was perfect--a small group of mostly immediate family.  Jack Stacks BBQ was served and we shared simple thoughts about Brad and Alissa.  That night we all accompanied Alissa as she attended an Endowment session and received her own.  Sweet Lindsey watched Hudson while we went to the temple, and he screamed the entire time for her.  I came out of the session with multiple missed calls and texts.  Luckily he is cute, so I'm pretty sure she still loves him.

The wedding was beautiful.  Simple. Pure. Just the way it should be.  Wonderful words of advice and wisdom were shared from the sealer for Brad and Alissa.  It is alway neat to hear these things as we as attendees probably need the advice just as much as the newly weds.  After the ceremony we went outside for pictures, and oh my goodness, I forgot what humidity could do.  I felt like I was melting.  And I didn't have a 50 layer wedding gown on!! A storm was taunting us with its near arrival, so photos were relatively quick.  I handed my camera around to get some shots and below are some of my favorites.  Hudson was missing nap time, and needed much attention.  Thankfully he is well like amongst my family, so help was always nearby.  The cutest though was as we were waiting for the bride and groom to come out from the temple, Grandpa was playing with hudson by the fountain.  Hudson apparently was acting like he wanted to crawl by the fountain, so grandpa let him crawl on the edge and started to get away.  He ended up slipping on a wet, smooth granite surface, soaking his wedding clothes before pictures even started!  Oh, and I have to mention that finding gray pants for H was impossible, so I whipped out my rusty sewing skills and made some for him, without a pattern!

The evening was capped off with a phenomenal dinner/reception down in Branson.  We barely made it for the 6:30 start time, missing to 6:00 photos.  With a 3 hour drive, plus traffic in downtown Branson to get to/from the hotel, we called it too close.  But we got there and that's what matters.  The reception had beautiful details and was at a golf course atop a hill where you could see for miles.  The views were breathtaking.

Welcome to the family Alissa.  Brad, you really found a winner!  Congrats to both of you!  We love you dearly!

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