Thursday, August 22, 2013

Carmel Weekend Getaway--Downtown Carmel

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We spent the evening wandering the streets of Carmel.  It was perfect.  I loved the european feel to it.  Everything was so quaint and picturesque.  Colby was so patient with me and all my photo taking.  The car show going on this weekend helped as dozens of Ferraris, Rolls Royces, Lamborghinis, and other high end vehicles dotted the streets and parking spaces.  I think he took just as many pictures of cars as I did lanterns, flowers, and fountains.

With it being such a small place, and having so many visitors, finding a place to eat proved to be impossible, so we decided to head a little inland for dinner.  We stopped first at the beach (Hudson LOVED the sand) and traveled up Scenic Rd.

The road was lined with the most unique and picturesque homes right on the beach.  Colby and I kept pointing out cute little cottages, sleek modern designs, and spanish looking dwellings and commenting on how we could live there.  Finally Colby said, "actually I haven't seen anywhere I wouldn't love living."  Well said, well said.

We ended up at a pizza place for dinner.  The food was ok, but the environment was fun. It was in the Big Sur Barn (I think that's the name) which was hosting a Ferrari Owner event.  We had to walk through the parking lot of the event to get to the restaurant and Colby was on cloud 9 seeing the row of red ferraris parked.  Hudson, apparently was exhausted, as he fell asleep in the car on the way to dinner.  When I got him out of the carseat, he immediately feel back asleep in my arms.  This has never happened. Ever. He woke up shortly after though. The restaurant people brought Hudson a ball of pizza dough to play with and crayons to color with.  He was more interested in eating each than playing, but Colby eventually rolled the dough into a ball, and Hudson loved it. We walked around the area after dinner, then headed home and crashed in bed.

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