Tuesday, November 5, 2013

14 months

During Hudson's first 12 months at life, I was really good at documenting his growth month to month.  I think I did this knowing I would turn it into a baby book, and therefore had that motivation.  As hudson continues to grow, I have realized how much he has changed and that i am no longer documenting it.  Who is to say that the documenting should stop at 12 months?!?  As I sit and watch Hudson play, eat, sleep, etc. each day, I am amazed at how much he has grown over the past 14 months and then think of how much he will continue to grow in the next 14 months, 14 year, etc.  It is crazy.  I have concluded that this growing never really stops.  And I should never stop noticing the growth. So I can remember, here is what Hudson is doing at 14 months.
  • The biggest change since the last update is we have a walker.  He walks everywhere and doesn't like to be carried often.  We will be walking with me carrying him and it's like it all of a sudden hits him that he can do this on his own and he almost jumps out of my arms to get on the ground. It is a fun stage to have him walk.  He can be much more independent and explore new things.  Life has slowed down in a sense as we walk at his pace and let him stop to literally enjoy the roses, and I love it. Amazingly though, he can keep up to my casual walking pace quite easily.  His little walk is adorable.  He is very stable, but doesn't look like he is.  He walks with his body learning slightly forward, chest out, arms either out a little or slightly back.  He looks like he will constantly face plant at any second.  And he often does, but just says "whoa" or "uh-oh" and goes on his way. 
  • He plays "fetch" with the ball.  He will grab one of the many balls we have accumulated in our apartment, usually after walking around say "ba (ball) over and over, and bring it to me or Colby.  He will sit at our knee waiting for us to toss it after which he goes and retrieves it and brings it back to us.  The word "ba" is said multiple times throughout this process.
  • I have been a little worried that Hudson hasn't done any type of hand motions to this point and was overcome with joy when he first waved and said bye.  He did them simultaneously and on cue as we were face-timing with my parents.  He now does them both quite often, but it is usually just after we have left, hung up the phone, or dad has left. It's like he doesn't quite understand we are parting ways until it has happened, then he reacts with his salutation.  It's quite cute. 
  • He says "uh-oh," a lot.  And he always says it in correct context.  The funniest is how he drop food/utensils over the edge of the high chair, looks at me and says uh-oh.  He totally does it intentionally. 
  • I unintentionally transitioned Hudson to 1 nap, but have since come back to 2.  I found myself at the end of a 2-week period where he had only taken 1 nap each day because we were out every morning and he would miss his morning nap.  We were having a great time at parks, the library, church, running errands, etc. and he was staying awake til a 1:00 afternoon nap easily. But, he went from taking 2, 2-hour naps, to 1, 1hour nap.  This didn't add up and I knew he wasn't ready for the switch.  While we are able to be more social with 1 nap, this kid isn't ready for the switch.  So we are back home most of the day for his naps, but I have a much happier child come dinner time. He sleeps 12 hours at night, plus 3-4 hours of naps in the day.  
  • He has not been nursing at all since about 12.5 months.  He is mostly weaned from the bottle, with the exception of one bottle of whole milk before bedtime. 
  • Just a week ago, he started pointing.  At first it wasn't at anything in particular, but now it has meaning.  He thinks its hilarious when he points out at something when in his highchair, and I touch the point of his pointer finger with mine. 
  • He has become even more full of energy, especially during church, and we are officially counting down to nursery (he can start going to "child care" at/during church when he is 18-months)
  • He is exploring constantly and gets into everything.  He loves getting into the kitchen cupboards, unrolling toilet paper rolls, pulling out the plunger, playing with the kitchen trashcan, and pulling things out from under the guest bed where we store things (old baby items, wrapping paper).  These are all things I wish he wouldn't have interest in, especially the plunger.  Gross. In the past month he has broken a glass mixing bowl and my iphone.  We now have a gate for our kitchen and have resorted to temporarily putting the plunger (which is in a case) in the shower where he can't get it. Why his fascination after ignoring it for months??
  • He now sits in a convertible carseat and is forward facing in the car.  He really seams to enjoy the change, though he hasn't actually told me that. ;)
  • He can ring doorbells, and perfected that at halloween.  Hopefully he only rings ours...:/
  • He has an obsession with the computer mouse.  He comes up to the desk and stands on his tippy toes and reaches with his fingers to grab the mouse and wanders around with it until we see him, scold him, and put it back.  One morning Colby asked me if I had moved the mouse so Husodn couldn't get it.  He was needing to use the computer and the mouse was gone.  I hadn't moved it. Our conclusion was that Hudson had.  I had noticed him earlier playing with the kitchen trashcan--opening and closing the lid--and mentioned it to Colby.  Thankfully I had noticed this, as Colby went and found the mouse mixed in with the kitchen trash. Lovely. 
  • He now wears a hat pretty well.  Colby found a great fitted UCLA hat at a bookstore sale and brought it home for h-man. He sometimes wants nothing to do with it, but also will occasionally bring it up to us and set it on his head then hand it to us to put on him.  He will go long stretches of time wearing it, and then will pull it off.  He looks a year older with it on. 

holding a pinecone (also referred to as "ba"), with his hat, pointing at the airplane.  Does it get any better than this? (taken at 14.5 months--Nov 5, 2013)

While he is a ball of energy and sometime hard to keep up with, I love that he is mischievous and loves getting into things.  I know it is simply his way of learning about the world around him.  I would not want it any other way.  okay, maybe I wish he would listen better to my commands, but that will come, maybe.  He is "all boy" and is my favorite little boy in the world.  I love him to pieces and love that I get to be with him each and every day. He is my joy. 

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