Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I've heard holidays become more fun with kids.  I must agree.  Halloween, even though Hudson could barely grasp the concept of going to doors to get candy, was magical.  It was so fun for me to come up with a little family themed costume, get us all dressed up, and head out to trick or treat.

We had our church trunk or treat a few days before halloween, so Hudson had a little trick or treating practice there.  At that event, he wasn't quite sure what was going on , and kept running away from the parking lot to the field entrance where there was a string of balloons, or "ball" as he says, for him to play with.  The church party is where our costumes made their appearance, and I am so glad I went ahead and made them.  A few hours before the party, only Hudson had a costume made.  I had plans to make Tiger Lily and Mr. Smee costumes for Colby and I to go with Hudson's Peter Pan, but it was just seeming unnecessary.  Hours before though, I decided I had to do  it.  I had been looking forward to family themed costumes for years!  I had an idea, most of the materials, and a few hours, so I went for it.

Halloween night was magical for me.  We put Hudson's Peter Pan costume on and he waddled out the door, excited to be getting out of the apartment, but clueless that we would be taking him door to door to get candy!  Our most immediate neighbors were gone and left bowls of candy on their doorstep.  Hudson dug in.  As we walked through the complex, he got really good at standing up on his tippy toes and reaching up with his little pointer finger to ring the doorbell (they are all at lower handicapped heights--perfect for H.) If people passing out candy lowered the bowl to let Hudson get candy, he knew to grab a piece (or 5) and stick them in his pumpkin. If people tried to hand him candy, he got quite confused.  He eventually understood what he was getting, and would then start to try and grab candy from the bucket and eat it--wrapper and all. At one apartment, he ran right through the two japanese women at the door right into their apartment. Ha.  I had to go in and get him.  At other places, (home of foreigners) the tenants would sit and take pictures of peter pan trick or treating at their place.  It was kinda funny.  Hudson was so cute walking/running from door to door ringing doorbells.  He would also see carved pumpkins, say "ball" and try and grab them.  He did grab a few of the mini pumpkins and take off with them. He did really well with his costume, and it's hard to believe that he didn't even need a long sleeve shirt on under it on halloween night.  It was such a warn night! He was mostly good with his hat, but occasionally would remember it was on his head and would tear it off.  I know he didn't even come close to fully grasping the concept of halloween, but the little that he did sure made it that much more fun for Colby and I. I am looking forward to next year already!

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