Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wyoming--Heiner Reunion

We spent this past weekend in Wyoming and had so much fun!  Kellen, Colby's youngest brother, is seriously dating a girl and wanted to take her home to meet his Mom.  He had met every significant person in her life, and she hadn't met anyone in his!  With 2 of the other brothers living within driving distance, they decided to take the drive out to the family home to meet her as well.  Mom H called Colby saying, "get on the plane...everyone's going to be here!"  I knew she was serious when we were discussing things such as sleeping arrangements with everyone there and she said "you guys can have my bed and I'll sleep on the couch."  This is serious stuff for someone to give up their bed like that.

We decided to take the trip and actually didn't tell Kellen we'd be there.  We surprised him on the flight from SLC to Jackson.  That was a lot of fun.  It was so good to all be together.  It was the first time we've all been together since Kelly's funeral 2.5 years ago.  This, of course, was a much happier circumstance to be together.  Since we had last been together, we've added 3 grandkids and it was fun to have all the kids together.  Courtney is such a sweet girl and fits in so well with the family.  If all goes according to plan, she will be joining the Heiner ranks soon! (Don't worry--I'm not spoiling any surprises--they were openly discussing this all weekend.)
Besides being with family, one of my favorite things was getting Hudson all bundled up in snow clothes and taking him out to the snow for the first time.  It was sunny and most of the snow had melted, so it was quite patchy.  He was bundled so much, he was like a big fluffy marshmallow and couldn't move super easy, but he got around just fine.  He poked around at the snow a bit, but I think felt a little restricted with his mittens. We took him over to where Jefferson and Brigham were playing and throwing snowballs, and he just sat at my leg and watched.  He really was just taking it all in.  The cutest moment was when he put his arms around my leg, not in fear, but just wanting to be with me.  It was tender.  I am sure as he gets older he will be out there with the boys playing hard, and probably pelting me with snowballs.

We did a lot of visiting, too much eating (really good food--we even had an early Thanksgiving feast with everyone there), took family pictures, attended church and filled more than an entire bench, watched the stars from the glass room, did a little shooting in the back--a first for me with Colby, walked around Jackson and drove up to see the Tetons while we waited for our flight.  As with all family get-togethers, this one went way fast, but we were so glad we were able to be part of it.

the orignal Heiners
 of course Hudson decided to show off his new trick during photos...clapping. It's perfect.
A little backyard shooting...

Jackson Hole
one of the shops had a toyshop in the basement filled with Train Tables.  Hudson was in Heaven.

 The Tetons

On our way home.  Loving life as a {squirm all over the place, crawl across the floor, try to jump seats, pull the window shades up and down, push the call button, end up in the space between our legs,} lap child.

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