Monday, June 16, 2008


I honestly forgot how good showering in my own shower feels and how good american breakfast is. I got home last night after an 11 hour flight and am loving being home. Of course I miss Europe, but there are so many great things about America, like the fact that I can use the internet, whenever I want, without paying! crazy. haha. After being awake for 5 hours today I had already had an appointment with a potential wedding photograper and had a haircut, which feels amazing. another one of those "good to be home" things. A mani and pedi are coming up soon on my checklist!

Somehow I think I skipped out on the whole jet lag thing. (knock on wood) I tried to sleep on the plane over, and even took a sleeping pill, but didn't sleep very well. So I was basically up until midnight last night and slept wonderfully til 8. I have felt fine all day so hopefully the jet lag will remain away. I think this may be because I know how much I have to do with all the wedding stuff. Don't worry, we are going to try and keep things simple, but even with simplicity comes a ton of planning and work. I love my mom for getting ahead start while I was gone.

Well, once again I have to postpone posting pictures. They are all down the street down loading from Torrie's laptop. I will post them soon. I feel like I can say so much more with pictures than typing!

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marc, michelle and Jackson said...

Welcome Home! Keep us posted on the rest of your fun summer and wedding plans.