Tuesday, June 10, 2008

London and Les Miserables

First day (back) in London and I love it. Honestly, I wasn't overly excited to come to London because I have already been, but I love it. There is a good possiblity that it is because there is English all around. Amazing! But, I am excited to not feel like i have to go do EVERYTHING, simply because I have done it already. When we got here from Paris, we had 1.5 hours to do wahtever before we met as a group. of course most people wanted to take naps. I wasn't tired, so decided to wander out on my own. I love all these girls I am with, but haven't had alone time, so that was really nice to have. I took the tube to Green Park, which happened to be right on the edge of buckingham palace. I sat there for a bit and caught up in journal writing and strolled by the palace. I had my iPod on for a bit then spent some time just pondering life.

Tonight was fun as well and part of why I love London, too. I went with a few girls to look for cheap musical tickets and found discounted ones for Les Miserables for tonight. We had third row seats and it was spectacular. I saw it several years ago when Hemet High did it, but for those of you who know me well, you know I don't remember details of things like that. I completely forgot the story line. The plot was great, but the actual production of it was breath taking. My favorite scene was probably the last baracade part, which was done in slow motion. Everyone's timing was seamlessly perfect. I really want to try and go see Phantom of the Opera as well, since I have never seen it. My top choice was Mary Poppins, but it is no longer playing here. bummer. Well, it's really late, so I'm gonna head to bed! Goodnight!

PS, any "must do" suggestions for London would be greatly appreciated, especially if they are slightly outside the "normal" london tourist stuff. :)


Rachael said...

One of the craziest things I ever saw was the dungeon at Warwick Castle. People were barbarian. But that was in Warwick....and I checked...it's 1.5 hours from you.

Mom said...

I am so sorry that Mary Poppins is gone! Oh, you would have loved that one! I guess you remember the detail of having been to Warwick. I will let Rachael know that we went there. Are you going to St. Paul's Cathedral? That is something that I never did -- at least never went in. Actually, there was a ton that we didn't do when we were there. It will be interesting to find out what you end up doing.
Looking forward to seeing you! Love, Mom

Nathan said...

just bring back a bunch of Cadburry stuff for me. You can't go to London w/out getting Cadburry Thx. :-)

taylor and laney said...

I'm so sorry I never replied to your email. With the new baby, and the lack of sleep, I filed it in the back of my mind and didn't bring it back until Saturday morning, when you left. I'm sorry. Laney's suggestion was to go to Mary Poppins because it is the best thing she has seen. We saw Wicked there together and she said she enjoyed Mary Poppins much better. So, I'm sorry to hear that you weren't able to see it. I was going to suggest walking around Hyde Park. That park is by far the coolest park. Now that things are getting warmer, all the people watching begins and London, as I'm sure you are aware, has a lot of crazies. Green Park is good to, so I'm glad you enjoyed it. I would have had you call my friend who works in parliament and as that was one of the coolest things I did and I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the portrait gallery in the National Gallery. Not very many famous paintings, but cool portraits of famous people who really shaped the world. Sorry for the delay. I'm pretty sure you've left by now, but hopefully your heeded your brother's advice and brought us back lots and lots of Cadbury's.