Friday, June 27, 2008

wedding planning!!

so, I have now been home from europe for 2 weeks and so much has happened. With my mom's high stress levels and only 7 weeks to the wedding I knew I had to get moving quick. Apparently I wasn't allowed any time to get over jet lag. Typical of the jergensen clan(not to my enjoyment), I was up by 7:30 AM the day after I got home to get going on wedding plans. So far I have made a ton of progress. I have found my photographer after much searching and LOVE her stuff. When I was in Utah I went and met with her. She is the cutest person and I am really excited. Those of you into photography, check her stuff its kinda funny how much less expensive it is to have a photographer come down from utah instead of use a california one. This state is so overpriced, but i still love it and wouldn't mind living here...;).

speaking over living...colby and I are still searching for housing. actually, cobly is. I didn't have a chance to look at anything while in utah between seeing him for the first time in 2 months, engagement pictures (graciously and amazingly done by Sarah...THANKS! Maybe I will post a few favorites when I get them), small bridal shower with my best friends, registering (wow, interesting experience. i am sure everyone will be able top tell which things i registered for and what colby registered for. yes, he put down an x box. silly man. ) visiting with future family members, and finding my WEDDING DRESS! It was a tiring, but enjoyable experience and I ended up with the perfect dress. It has a beaded top with a low waist and a full tulle skirt with a ribbon lining on the bottom. oh, and it has the cutest buttons going down the back. I kinda feel like a disney princess in it. :) the best part is that it is much lighter and therefor cooler than most of the others i liked, which will be excellent for the 200 degreeish weather on the wedding day.

I have been spending hours online trying to get flower choices, invitations, decorations and bridemaid dresses. who knew finding 4 dresses that fit each of the girls in my colors would be so hard! wow! Today though I have been summoned outside to help with the yard. My dad takes great pride in the yardwork and I know he will have the yard perfect for the wedding. Make sure to take note of it and say something to him. :) The current big project is repainting the black fence black. ha. gotta love dad and his projects. but really, he is doing wonders with the yard. I think my break time is over (not that I had permissin for a break...).


Alisa said...

wow! how exciting!! i loved planning my wedding, but loved the wedding day even more!! where are you guys looking into for housing?!!!

Katie said...

i know colby has looked at, and really like, parkside. It is right across from the Omni. We aren't sure if it will be available though. Hopefully when I get back to Utah I will be able to check a few other places out with him. Any suggestions?