Friday, July 18, 2008

Colby's first post

Hey everyone...this is Colby, Katie keeps asking me if I will write something on the "blog" but I am usually content with just reading it; afterall it is Katie's blog right? Some of you (including Katie) are most likely wondering what it is that I do...especially if you are reading Katie's blog and realize that the wedding stuff is pretty much in Katie and Regina's hands. Let me set the record straight: I actually helped put the first 50 wedding invitations together, that is after Katie let me know several times that I was doing it ALL wrong....its amazing to me how she can just have these little visions in her mind of exactly how she wants something...that particular fact is still what amazes me the most that she said yes to me when I proposed!

So that about sums it up with wedding planning for me, but I have had the wonderful opportunity to work out housing, car insurance, and a myriad of other things to "look" into. I really have enjoyed getting things done and I especially enjoyed my time the past two weeks with Katie at Lake Havasu and in Hemet! It's kinda rough being here in P-town and just hearing from Katie on the phone, many times late at night when neither of us are working on anything. For instance last night, Katie called me long after I was asleep and I suppose I rambled on for a few minutes and finally Katie told me to go back to sleep and she would just call back in the morning...I think we both fail to realize sometimes that there is still an hour difference in time between the two of us.

Regardless of anything bad that I have said, I love Katie and cannot believe that I have talked her into marrying me! This has been the quickest summer that I have ever had, even with her taking off to Europe for eight weeks. Only 28 more days til the wedding! I hope to meet many of you there!


Meg said...

Hey guys! This is Megan (from Santa B ward). I was blog surfing and I found your blog! So cute! At my reception in Utah, Nate and MC told me you guys were using Haley as your wedding photographer. How cool! She is awesome! I know you will love her. :) I only got to use her for my engagements/bridals, so you're definitely lucky! I hope wedding planning is going well! Congrats you two!

Armstrongs said...

Congrats to both of you. I am so glad you are blogging all the details of the fun wedding will be so glad you did!

Unfortunately, we will not be at the wedding, but tell your dad that I am sure the yard looks great!