Friday, July 11, 2008

Colby with the family

I have just loved watching Colby interact with my family. Really, he fits in so well. I was able to capture a few of their bonding moments on camera.

I walked into my room one night and saw this. Colby, Brad and Mitch all on mine and Lindsey's bed. So funny.

At the office with Dad. Everyone knows that they shouldn't expect to walk into that office without Dad at least looking in your mouth. Colby was lucky enough to get an official look while in the chair. Talk about "bonding"...or in this case de-bonding as Dad removed his bent permanent retainer. (sorry...lame joke; i couldn't resist)

Colby looks a little nervous. He may have enjoyed asking my Dad for permission to marry me more than this meeting. :)

What better male bonding is there than working on a car. Instead of taking Brad's car in to get the worn down break pads replaced, Colby decided he would teach Brad how to do it. It took a few hours, but I think they enjoyed it.

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