Thursday, October 2, 2008


I haven't had a chance to write about my amazing trip to Wyoming. I was once again amazed at the beauty of Star Valley. Last time I was there it was covered in 4 feet of snow, which was its own kind of beauty. This time the valley was green and beautiful. I could have stayed there so much longer, but was grateful for the three days we were able to spend with the Heiner parents. They were so great to us. They even let us take home raspberries. Yes, be jealous...they were to die for. Thanks Mom and Dad H!

Somehow Colby convinced me to get on the back of his motorcycle with him. Luck for me I had some good in laws reminding Colby not to scare me too much or I would never go again. Sometime I think he forgets I am a girl. All that aside was kinda exhilarating. :)

We spent one morning herding the cows that had been out grazing this summer. It was quite an experience. I even got to help a little. I was instructed to "form a wall" with Mom H to prevent them from going the wrong way. If any of them came toward me I was just supposed to wave my arms. You tell me what you would have done. Well, I got scared and just ran the other direction. Oops. Luckily it didn't cause any problems.

I had never been to Jackson hole, so we went up one evening for dinner. I am convinced the Tetons are better on the Idaho side, so we drove a little further up so they could try and sway me to liking the "true side...Wyoming" better. Sorry guys. I'm staying strong to Idaho. Granted, we didn't see them straight on.

While in Jackson we caught a glimpse of Air Force two, Cheney's plane so went and checked it out.

Picking wild service berries

Colby loading the bails of hay onto the truck. They then took them over and bagged them. It was fun to watch, but I was content being behind the camera and hanging out with Buddy, the faithful dog.

Part of the Heiner farm. Isn't it just beautiful? If you want some of it let me know...because I happen to know someone who really wants to sell part of it ;) (That's for you Mom H!)

Mom H out bailing hay.

We took the 4 wheeler up the canyon. Colby even let me drive a bit. :) Here are a few pics from that adventure:

Yes, that small thing is a snake and yes, I tried to hold it but I got freaked out.

We were mesmerized by this moose for quite some time.

At the Raspberry patch. Not sure if more are in the buckets or our stomachs at the time of this picture.
But don't worry...we made it back in time to catch 3 quarters of BYU's first football game. Go COUGARS!

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