Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ok so I have been holding off posting pictures of our place because Katie and I figured that everyone would come check it out. But it has been about several months that we have lived here...I am posting pictures of our little apartment!

The walk-in closet is Katie's favorite part by far!
Here is (obviously) our bed and balcony
Here is the kitchen/living room with the barstools that we painted and stained.
There is a washer and dryer in our apartment which I think is key.


marc, michelle and Jackson said...

Your place is a million time nicer than ours! :) I really like it. And I have to agree that having a washer and dryer, in the apartment, is key! I dread doing laundry each week because of the three flights of stairs up and down....yuck,

Eliza said... you live in Courtside? Looks familiar...our first apartment too!