Thursday, October 30, 2008

Only the strong survive?

I decided I needed to post about some of the recent job hunts but Katie has beat me to it and used some of my material! All well here it is from my point of view. I am always telling Katie that I feel like I really don't even have time for school with all of the applications/interviews/work/and more interviews and applications that we are doing every week. Unfortunately I have yet to secure a solid offer, neither has katie, but we are both making good ground.

I tend to like a quote from Charles Darwin that a particular professor continues to recite to us. "It's not the strongest that survive, but those most able to adapt." With this thought in mind I am a Finance major interested in banking...which means my prospects are lower already based on past events and whatever the next year might bring. I have decided to apply to many different "types" of jobs.

Recently I was in San Francisco for a final round interview with Accenture ( A tech. consulting firm)... I as of yet have only received emails from the head recruiter apologizing about how long it is taking. I guess they are having a hard time coming up with compensation packages and determining how many offers to give out. Here are a few pics from my adventures on my first trip to SF. The other 2 dudes are also BYU students that were there interviewing. After our interviews we headed off to see a few things in SF. It made me feel like a missionary again running around Pier 39 with suits and white shirts on.

For those that are interested here are some of my past interviews:
1. Accenture-Technology consulting
2. Walmart-Finance department
3. Bessemer Trust -assistant account manager (asset management for Ultra High net worth)
4. Oppenheimer Funds-Equity research investment banking (Semiconductor/tech. division)
5. Greenstein, Roghoff and Company-Advisory practice
6. PriceWaterHouseCoopers-transactions services or Business advisory
7. Wellington Management-Equity research (asset management)
8. Apple-Finance/operations department
9. IBM-Finance Department
10. Zions Bank-Commerical Lender (somehow missed this one)
11. Lockheed Martin-Financial analyst
12. Citibank

These are just some of the companies that I have been interviewing with...I have a fly-out this next week with Oppenheimer and I had an interview with Bessemer Trust today so only time will tell!

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