Wednesday, October 29, 2008

12 credit-hour job search

We sure have been busy lately. It has been hard to find time to just sit and relax. We have been so busy with school, work and job searching. Colby made the comment today that it is like we are taking a 12 credit hour job searching class...except they don't teach us...we just do the work. My past three days have been filled with job search stuff. Monday, General Mills Information session (which I had to leave work early to attend); Tuesday, General Mills company research and 1st round interview (squeezed between work and studying/taking a business law test) and today, 2nd round interview, personality assessment, "how would I respond to this situation" test, and a short standardized test. WOW. All for General Mills. I really am interested in the company and would love to be there. And that is just me, with only one company...I know Colby is super busy as well. He had four interviews scheduled for the week. Hopefully something works out...and hopefully those jobs can be in the same state for each of us :) Well, I'm off to work til 10:30.


marc, michelle and Jackson said...

Way to go Katie! I sure hope something turns out for you. That would be awesome to be with GM. They seem like a great company. I have definitely felt that crunch during school and work and other things, it can be so stressful. Hopefully things will slow down a little soon.

Nicole and Preston said...

hey katie!!
I saw you are wanting to work with General Mills, and just to let you know, Geneeral Mills is coming next week to give a presentation on Social Marketing strategies (I believe).
I have to go for my class, and although I am not quite sure what it entails, I thought you would be interested!
Its on Thursday (November 6) at 12:00 at 251 Tanner Bldg.

Hope to see you there!