Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hudson's First Neighborhood Walk

We attempted Hudson's first walk yesterday, knowing that he loves being in the carseat, stroller, etc.  Colby brought the stroller in from the car and we put sleeping Hudson in it, wrapped up in a blanket.  Well, we made it to our mailboxes, about 100 feet away before Hudson was screaming, I was holding him and Colby was pushing the empty stroller back to our apartment. Colby kindly let me know that that was how he saw this outing ending.  I guess I was the optimistic one who was thinking we could walk around the neighborhood across the street and I could get a little exercise in. Ha. Our word of the month is still: adjustment. :) We will learn.

Of course I was hoping for the perfect "first walk" photo.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  We do have a nice video of his screaming his lungs out when we got home though. Maybe we'll get that photo on his second first walk. :)

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Brittany H said...

This post totally had us laughing. Gotta love how fast a baby can change plans. We've pushed an empty stroller a time or two. :)