Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beach Time Firsts

With Mom Heiner here, we wanted to attempt to do a few fun things, especially before Colby started school.  We decided a little trip to the beach would be the perfect thing.  

This was Hudson's debut trip to the beach at a ripe 2 1/2 weeks old.  When someone at the beach asked how old he was, I said "about a month."  I am pretty sure he thought i was crazy to have a baby that young at the beach.  Little did he know Hudson isn't really about "about a month."  I was hesitant about taking him at first, but figured it would be no different to sit at the beach than to sit outside at home, so we went for it.  He was in my arms the whole time and seems to have loved it. ;)

Mom Heiner had a first at the beach as well.  While she had been to the beach before, years ago, she had never been in the water.  She didn't want to go swimming with Colby, but made sure she stuck her legs in the water.  So glad we could witness this first with her.  She also was introduced to sand crabs by Colby, a discovery that he made just a few weeks ago.  I love living 10 minutes from the beach and having this fun place to get away to.  We only stayed an hour, but with it only being a 10 minute drive, its so worth it!

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Brittany H said...

I would have taken him to the beach too! Even a baby needs to get out sometimes. I hope you aren't too lonely. I was in the same situation in MS when Jefferson was little. It was hard, but we formed a Mom's group in our ward and I went even though my kid wasn't old enough to participate, so that helped. Glad to see you had fun with Debra. Have to admit, I'm a little jealous of the beach trip!