Monday, July 8, 2013

Bay Area Adventures

When we found out we'd be moving to the Bay Area for a 12-week internship this summer, Colby said something along the lines of "12 week internship means 12 weekends. Let's come up with something fun for each." We love getting to know the new areas we live in, so of course I thought it was a great idea.

Our first weekend here (post move/settle-in weekend) Kellen came out to visit. We checked out Colby's office, the big tech companies (Google, Apple, Facebook) and Stanford, with a trip up Truman bell tower with great views over the area. For lunch, we stopped at a little hole in the wall maxican place that a friend had told us about.  Honestly, we were a little skeptical at first, but ended up really enjoying it.  Hudson had his first small taste of soda. We didn't get much of a reaction from him. We were at home for a bit for naptime. We went out again for dinner at Sam's BBQ followed by Willow Glen Ice Cream for dessert (both places we have to go back to) and strolled around Willow Glen in the evening.

It was a lot of fun to get out and explore our area and to have Kellen in town!

We attended our Cherry Glen Ward here for the first time and received such a warm welcome.  I really think we will love the ward here!

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