Sunday, May 4, 2008


So I have been in Athens for two days and I am loving it! Each day has been full of adventures and touring. Each morning we wake up and have planned activities until early afternoon when we are set loose to do wahtever we want. We spent the first day on the Acropolis seeing buildings from the 5th c. BC such as the Parthenon and Erechtheum. (picture jumping at the Parthenon)It was so neat to be up there and imagine what life was like in Athens during the time these buildings were used. We walked over to Zeus' Temple after the acropolis and hung out under the trees just talking. We thought it was pretty cool to just be hanging out at Zeus' temple.(picture at Zeus Temple. Look close...I'm standing at the bottom) Not many our age can say that. :) After the touring we headed back to the Acropolis and looked at all the shops. I bought a really cute pair of earning for 5 euro. Of course I bartered it down successfully from 7. I also had my first gyro today (sandwich type thing with meat, tomatoes, onion and sauce). The food has all been excellent. We came home and heard that my suitcase has finally been found and was in the Athens airport. Because American Airlines lost it, but doesn't fly to Athens, they sent it on an Olympic flight. Since Olympic was not responsible for it, they said I needed to go get it instead of them bringing it to me. Torrie and I left Saturday morning at 6 AM to get it. It was a 3 hour trip there and back...quite an adventure alone on the metro) but so worth it! I had never been so happy to see my suitcase in my life. When I got home, I opened it up and went through it just so i could see what I had even packed. It had been 4 days without it.
My suitcase!!
We met up with the group at the national archeological museum and were there for several hours. It was really neat to see so many things that I have studied from textbooks about right in front of me. A lot of the statues were so much larger than I had thought. It was also so mice to be with other people who are interested in this type of stuff. We would just sit and stare at objects and discuss them. Kinda nerdy, but I loved it. After the museum several of us headed to the coast to hang out at the beach. It was so fun. Most of the girls just layed out, but I was determined to get in! I talked Noelle and Torrie into jumping in with me. The water was freezing, but I'm glad I got in. No regrets this trip!

Exploring the tidal pools

Noelle, Me and Torrie after braving the cold waters!

As I went to bed last night I was excited to set my travel alarm clock. Torrie and I have are sick of converting time on our phones (becuase it hasn't reset since Chicago and won't...) to set our alarm. With our luck though it stopped working in the middle of the night, so we were wakened by Brianna, who knocks on doors 30 minutes before we need to leave. I somehow was able to shower and get ready for church in 30 minutes. The group got on the metro and went to church at the Athens branch. I always love going to church in other countries and seeing how the gospel has touched the members' lives. After church Noelle, Torrie, Natalie, Jackie and I wandered around Athens. We saw the olympic stadium, spent awhile in the National Gardens writing in our journals snd wandering, and watched the changing of the gaurds. We spoke with one of the army guys there who repositioned the guards and straightened their skirts. It was fun becuase he said he had once served as one of the gaurds( they stand motionless for hours gaurding the tomb of the unknown soldier) and we were able to see that they really do have personalities. He was hilarious! We are back at the hotel for a bit and then will head back to the church to go sing with the missionaries at a town square.

We found an air vent while wandering through athens. We couldn't pass up the Marilyn Monroe picture.

All in all it has been a great stay in Athens. Tomorrow we head to Rome!!


Liz said...

looks like so much fun, kate! i'm glad you finally got your luggage. i can't imagine being without all my stuff! hey, i also want a close-up of your ring!!

Liz said...

whoops...of course i meant katie!