Sunday, May 11, 2008

Things I have learned so far in Europe

1. No ice cream in the world compares to Giolittis Gelato.
2. Married men enjoy flirting with American girls...holding their hands, offering to take them to dinner, and even home...and then go home to their wives. No big.
3. European buildings you see in text books are MUCH larger than you ever could imagine they would be
4. Fake Prada bags are fire resistant. We have been showed several times. Oh wait, it is becuase "they are real Prada." uh-huh
5. You can get free food by flirting, even in Italy
6. Everyone smokes, not many wear deoderant
7. The exchange rate sucks. No arguement. Even the vendors tell us that.
8. Jogging to St. Peters at night is the best run ever. Come on, not many can say, "I am gonna go for a run around St. Peters. Wanna come?"
9. The metro/bus plan is a wonderous idea.
10. You must take your own groceries out of the basket at the checkout stand.


Rachael said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure. This post made me laugh out loud. Congrats on the engagement.

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

I love that you are blogging all your adventures! It is fun to hear the lastest on your trip....even if it does make me a million times jealous. :) These have all been fun posts. Keep blogging it all. Oh, and congrats again on the engagement! All I've ever heard about him sounds wonderful (which you most definitely deserve). I am SOOOOO excited for you! You'll have to keep blogging even when you get home so we can be kept up to date on the rest of your fun summer and the wedding plans.