Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm getting MARRIED!!

Well, I know this is old news, but I wanted to document it on my blog. Colby proposed to me the day before I left Utah!! Of course I said yes. We are getting married in the San Diego Temple on August 15. He took me to Thanksgiving Point to the tulip festival (we had our first date at thanksgiving point). I was a little suspicious that he might propose because we already had a temple date at the time and had already picked out a ring. We chose to do a custom ring though, and were told that it wouldn't be done before I left for Europe. I really wanted to be engaged before I left, but realized that may not happen. Once at the tulip festival, Colby actually told me that one of the reasons he wanted to take me to the festival was to apologize for not being able to get a ring. I was really bummed at this point, but still excited to finally be done with finals and have a few hours alone with Colby. We walked through the gardens and talked about everything. We ended up at the back side of the area at a gazebo-like thing that was beautiful. Several little children were there playing with the moms, who were taking pictures. Colby and I sat down to watch them for a bit. Several minutes passed and all of a suddent the area cleared out of people. I walked over to the gazeboto look at it and Colby followed. We stood there for a minute or so. Colby took my camera and set it on a ledge, then took me to the center of the "gazebo" and started to dance with me. It made my heart melt. I love dancing while he makes the music. So cute!! He started telling me how much he loves me...etc... (I will spare you the sappy stuff). He was so adorable. I began to wonder if he was going to propose, but wasn't sure, becuase he often talks to me telling me he loves me. He took my hands and pointed out that they were clammy. haha. maybe so ;) I was kinda flustered and not sure what to do, so I turned to pick up my camera. As I was stepping away, he pulled me back in and said he had one more thing to tell me. At that moment he got down on his knee, pulled a ring in a ring box out of his sock and asked, "Katie, will you marry me?" I quickly said yes and reached down to hug him. He got up and swung me around. He hadn't heard my response becuase I said it so quickly, so asked for my answer. I told him yes again. I was so happy! I love Colby so much and look forward to our lives together. After he proposed, we went back to walking through the gardens. I kept trying to sneak looks at my beautiful ring and Colby finally told me we should just find a spot to sit down and look at it. He was wanting to stare as well...He told me that he looked at it at least every hour after he got it. Sidenote: The ring he proposed with isn't actually my ring, because it wasn't done being made. He got the diamond that will be set in my ring and had it set in a simple loaner setting. I love this one though! We will see if I end up getting my real one when I get back.

Basically, I love Colby and can't wait to marry him. He really is a great guy and sometimes I wonder if I really deserve him. I am in Europe now for 7 weeks and it is difficult to not be with him. I actually haven't really even been with him since being engaged. I can't wait to get home to see him.

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