Friday, May 23, 2008

Picture Updates

I haven't had much time on the internet lately so I haven't been able to post pictures. I don't fell like writing much now anyway, so I will just do pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I guess not writing is completely justified. :) (Oh, I am retarded and accidentally deleted a weeks worth of pictures. I reformatted my memory card so it would take higer quality pictures and all the pictures were deleted. I had several already uploaded, but lost many. Luckily I can get a lot of them from other people later.)


Katie and Rachelle on top of Capri, looking over Italy

On the Island tour! Check out the bright blue water!

Blurry photo from theBlue Grotto It was so amazing!

One of the many LONG train rides. Usually our trains were nicer than this.

Illegal photo of the David, the most beautiful sculpture EVER.

VIVOLI'S gelato! MMM, this one was for Dad! :)

The six girls on Ponte Vecchio. Me, Torrie, Rachelle, Jackie, Noelle and Natalie.

Pictures from Venice will come later. Yes, still behind. We have been in Venice for 3 days and leave tomorrow morning for Milan.


Anonymous said...

So fun to see your photos! It still appears that you are having the time of your life with the art and the friends! Love you -- Mom

Dad said...

Katie, your pictures are adorable. I wish that I could be there to see all the sites. Vivoli's looks as good as ever. Can you believe that it is close to thirty years since I was on my mission and was first introduced to that great Ice Cream! Which is better- the gelato in Rome or Vivoli's? Sorry I was sound asleep when you phoned last night. I needed it. Have a good stay in Milano. Love Dad

Aaron & Kalle said...

Katie, I think that if I look back at my photo's I have an illegal photo of the David. Well worth it. I am loving reading all about your trip. Enjoy it, it is a once in a life time adventure. Have fun.