Saturday, May 17, 2008


I loved Sorrento! It is on the bay of Naples and had wonderful weather while we were there. Several of us commented that it was the "relaxing" part of the trip...our only art history part of this three day segment was going to Pompeii for half a day. We spent a lot of time laying out reading by the pool. Of course we got out to see the town, but there was a lot of relaxing. The last day there, we took a boat out to Capri, an island just off the coast. We hiked to the top with the group to see Tiberius' Villa (the hike was more for the view though) and then were set free to roam.

Rachelle and I have deemed each other "adventure buddies." It seems we are always the two wanting to explore and see more. Well just minutes after being released, we found a trail and ran through it. Quite adventurous. The group that we hang out with was kind enough to wait. We thought they would have left like everyone usually does when we go explore.

We headed down the hill and prepared to go see the Blue Grotto. This was the main thing I saw in our prep class that made me so excited to come. I had told my family and Colby about it because I was so excited! Well, some girls from the group told us the place to get a boat to it. We got our tickets and drove around the island. It was beautiful! But, when we got to the Blue Grotto, the guide pointed to it and told us what it was then drove past! We were so confused. Turns out every other boat from that company stops, and we didnt know that so didnt check the schedule! Oops. Well rachelle and I were determined, so we found another boat that would take us directly there. It ended up costing an extra €10, but was so worth it. It was beautiful! Time is up! I still need to post pictures! ciao!

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Mom said...

Katie -- The Blue Grotto is incredible -- and I am sure that the photo doesn't begin to show it! I am glad that you pursued that trip! Do the others wish they had gone?

I will ask Mitch soon how to send photos. He is having his wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow, so he may be out of commission for a day or two.

We sure love you! Mom

In case you weren't sure, your anonymous contributor to the mission call page was -- Mitch!