Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rome keeps getting better! We visited St. Peters today. The thing was MASSIVE. I kept finding myself wondering how much time the building took to make. Of course there are several famous things in there, but there are so many ornate statures, wall designs, wood/marble wood and paintings that no one speaks of. It was incredible. Besides thinking of all the time and effort put into it, I kept thinking of how they were able to create such lasting beauty with little technology. It continues to amaze me.

We visited several other places today, including Piazza Navona. I loved this because it was what I had pictured Italy to be like. There were cute little windows with potted plants and vines coming out of them. So picturesque. Later we saw a few Carravagio paintings and the Church of S. Ignazio di Loyola. The ceiling was painted such that it went up super high and didn't have a ceiling. pretty sweet. We ended up at the Pantheon, again eating Giolitti. Yes, that makes 4 out of 4 days. We are going for 9 out of 9.

We are headed to Pro Jo's brother in laws restruant for dinner. Dinner is normally 70 euros a plate, but we get a sweet discount. It must be good food. For now, ciao!!

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