Sunday, May 25, 2008

What I have learned about packing for 6 weeks in Europe

1. With so much traveling from city to city and so many stairs to go up and down, packing light is a must!

2. Because I didn't pay attention to 1 at first, I now have to send a package home. I packed at our weight limit, without thinking that I would be buying things. What was I thinking, me, in Europe without shopping. silly me!

3. 6 weeks is a long time to go without a washing machine. I have gotten pretty good at hand washing, wearing clothes MULTIPLE times without washing, and learning to mix whites and darks in laundramats to save money.

4. packing more underwear than the suggested 4-5 pairs is so worth it. I laugh when my roommates have to go commando or blow dry a pair while they are wearing then because they don't have any clean, dry ones. Honestly, how much space does a pair of underwear take up.

5. 5 pairs of shoes is not necessary. Yes, I will be sending some shoes home.

6. Some things were so worth bringing even though others say they aren't. i.e.; my own pillow. europe hotel pillows are not real pillows. i think i get some of the best sleep because i have a decent pillow.

7. expandable packs on suitcases are lifesavers

8. travel size anything does not last 6 weeks...duh.

9. keep a change of clothes and tooth brush with you on flights, because the airline may just lose your bag. (3 more flights to go...)

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Mom said...

Some good lessons learned! Keeps us smiling at home and anticipating your return! Love you -- Mom