Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Today we spent our group time at two wonderful museums in Rome, the National Museum and the Capitoline Museum. Some of the well known things there were the Discuss thrower, the huge head of Constantine and the Capitoline Wolf (with Romulus and Remus). Us girls were so exhausted (obviously we don't get enough sleep) so we got food and fell asleep on some grass in middle of a group of street intersections. People passing by probably thought we were homeless or something. None of us have any idea how long we slept. We woke up when the shadows from the trees moved to where they were covering us, becuase we woke up from being cold. We headed back toward the coloseum and played frisbee with some guys on the way over. Of course, we finished our touring up with Giolitti gelato. day 3 of 3.

The head and hand of Constantine. These are parts of a statue that once was about 30 feet tall.

Handstands after our nap.

Back at the Coloseum...jumping for joy!! :)

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